Brain Liquid Biopsy Consortium

Brain-LBC aims to accelerate research and translation of liquid biopsy approaches for brain tumour patients. The consortium was set up in 2020 and includes leading clinicians and scientists from around the world. Brain-LBC will support sharing of data and of relevant tissue resources with the ultimate aim to identify liquid biopsy techniques that are applicable in real world clinical settings to improve diagnosis and monitoring for brain tumor patients.

About BLBC

The consortium is a group of researchers with an interest in using liquid biopsies to improve treatment experience and outcomes for patients with brain tumours. It brings together scientists and clinicians from all over the globe to pool resources and enable efficient collaboration to bring forward the day when liquid biopsies are used routinely for brain tumour patients. By becoming a member of the consortium, researchers have access to our data base of relevant sample collections in institutions around the world and have the opportunity to interact with leaders in the field. The consortium is also active in education and has strong links to national and international organisations with shared interests

Core Team

Susan Short


Professor at Leeds Institute of Medical Research at St James’s, UK.




Associate Scientist and Director of Liquid Biopsy Program at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, MI, USA.

Gelareh Zadeh

Executive Member

Professor and Dan Chair, Neurosurgery, University of Toronto. Head, Division of Neurosurgery, Toronto Western Hospital

Amit Ray

Executive Member

Sr. Consultant Neurosurgeon Apollo Hospitals, India. Founder Director at Exsegen Research

Paul Brennan

Executive Member

Reader and Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon at the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian

Richard Mair

Executive Member

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgical Oncology at the University of Cambridge

Florent Mouliere

Executive Member

Assistant professor at the Amsterdam University Medical Center, The Netherlands


to consortium members on new grant funding!

Paul Brennan and team, working with Dxcover have secured £2.2million from the European Innovation Council to continue development of their early detection liquid biopsy platform.

Myron Best and team have secured a grant from The Dutch Cancer Society totaling  1.1 million euros to start the PREDICT study, to evaluate and externally validate the use of platelet RNAs for glioblastoma therapy monitoring and pseudo-progression detection.